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We made a New Year resolution to engage more with Twitter to try and increase our following and, well, we certainly engaged last night!

Numerous members of the golfing fraternity were tweeting during President Obama’s gun control speech including PGA Tour professional Chesson Hadley, winner of the 2014 Puerto Rico Open, Laddie Cline a PGATour caddie and PGATour professional John Peterson, a 26 year old Texan educated (allegedly) at Louisiana State University and some random bloke called Mark Abildgaard.

The conversation went as follows……………..

JP: When literally nobody in the military supports the president of the United States you know you prolly got an issue #dictator

CH: But JP he is the POTUS.  Parent of the United States and we are his children.  We are out of line and need punishment.

T&W: And how would you two suggest reducing gun deaths in America? 125 this year……… it’s January 5

JP: There are always gonna be murders.  A dude killed his whole family in Oklahoma with a knife.  Ban idiots, not guns.

T&W: No you ban idiots getting hold of guns.  “Always be murders” is your answer to 13,000 gun deaths in 2015?

JP: Worry about Scottish politics, pal.

T&W: Scottish politics just fine thanks we banned all handgun possession hence our 5 deaths against your 13,000.

JP: Scotland can also fit into the United States 127 times.  And with weak borders, illegals shoot each other.

T&W: Size of country is that a joke?!  Our population 5m yours 320m our deaths 5 yours 13,000 how’s your maths?!

JP: Nah it’s not a joke, pal.  The only reason people outside of the USA care about our stuff is their jealousy of us.

T&W: Yes we’re really jealous of the families of the 6 US kids killed/injured by guns in the last 5 days

JP: Don’t you wish you lived here!

LC:  64% of gun deaths are suicide in the US it’s not people killing people.

T&W: Correct. But doesn’t change the 13,000 others killed by guns last year.

JP: Now change your population stats, pal.

T&W: No need if you know the facts. Total US deaths inc suicide 30,000 without 13,000.  There are your stats……..pal.

JP: 127 x 13,000.  People aren’t migrating to Scotland, pal.

T&W: What?!!  Do you understand the inane logic of using the size of the countries as a comparison?!

T&W: Even using your logic I think what you mean is 13,000/127=102, which is still 20 times more than our 5 annual deaths

JP: Whoop dee do.  We love our guns, y’all love your drinkin.  Each one kills people.

T&W: Wow very mature response.  Goodnight.

LC: We will always have guns.  We used them to sever the cord from England which you guys are still too scared to do.

T&W: No issue with your entitlement.  I’m arguing change needed to stop 40% of all guns bought without checks.

JP: Now that is a straight up lie.  See here in America, our president lies to us all the time.

LC: You might want to know that Glasgow has a higher murder rate than New York City.  Guns or no guns.

CH: Are you in favour of citizens having guns or citizens not having guns?

T&W: I have absolutely no issue with your entitlement to own guns.

CH: I want killings to stop no questions asked.  My main issue is with our President.  Hope we elect a true leader this fall.

T&W: And if this ‘true leader’ introduced sensible background checks for all gun purchases you would be okay with that?

No response.

@Markbccc: More likely to be a victim of violent crimes in Britain and most of Europe than USA

JP: No doubt.

T&W: United Nations Office Drugs Crime homicide rates 2014 per 100,000 of population: Germany 0.8, Italy 0.9, France 1.0, UK 1.0, USA 4.7

@Markbccc: More chance of rapes, beatings, knife attacks in Europe (tweet later deleted)



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