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Know your golf?! Here’s a great chance to prove you do and win some cash in the process. Simply pick a different player each week on the European Tour to finish inside the weekly target, if he does you’re still in the game for the following week until we have the Last Man Golfing……

Week 1 – player must make the cut
Week 2 – top 50 finish
Week 3 – top 40 finish
Week 4 – top 30 finish
Week 5 – top 20 finish
Week 6 – top 10 finish
Week 7 – top 5 finish
Week 8 – winner

£10 per entry and the winner takes home the kitty – check out the rules below then click away!

Click here to see the entries for this week’s Alfred Dunhill Championship.

Player Selection

Current Prize Money £230

DP World Tour JoBurg Open SA Open Alfred Dunhill
G Hutton Lee Lawrence Burmester TBA
I Hutton Snr McIlroy Lawrence Burmester TBA
Jo Davidson McIlroy Burmester Lawrence TBA
S Blades Rahm Burmester Lawrence TBA
J Weir McIlroy Lawrence Burmester TBA
A Pickering N Hojgaard Lombard Lawrence TBA
J Gooch Lee Lawrence Burmester TBA
I Waddington Hovland Bezuidenhout Lawrence TBA
P Salkeld Hatton Lombard Burmester TBA
G Shaft McIlroy Bezuidenhout Lawrence TBA
S Clarke McIlroy Burmester 2nd Fav (Lawrence) TBA
S Cooper Rahm Lawrence Burmester TBA

Pesky Rules

1. Select one player to finish inside the weekly target of the appropriate European Tour event – that selection cannot be used again, by that individual, until the competition is reset.

2. Advise us of your selection by 12am (midnight) the day before each tournament begins. When we are down to less than 10 players then selections must be in by 9pm to allow for transparency and fairness to all players.

3. Failure to advise of selection will result in default selection of first player in the tournament betting (joint favourites will be allocated alphabetically),  unless that player has already been selected in a previous event, then it will move to the next player in the betting market.

4. The last man golfing (i.e. still golfing having finished inside the weekly target of each event) will win the prize fund which will equate to 100% of all monies collected.

5. In the event of a tie (i.e. last 2 players both fail to finish inside the weekly target) the competition will be a rollover, reset and entrants will be required to subscribe again to play in the next event.

6. Selections that withdraw during the tournament will count towards the competition. If a selection withdraws before the tournament begins, it will be the competitors responsibility to advise us of a replacement or rule (3) will apply.

7. ‘Weekly target’ criteria can be altered dependant on field entry and format of particular tournament e.g matchplay or reduced field for Rolex or WGC events.

8. Please notify us with your selection using the payment box or by email to or Twitter to @tipandwin.

Previous Winners

12 November 2023Graeme Hutton11£480
23 July 2023Stuart Moffat6£240
4 June 2023Corinne Hutton6£240
23 April 2023Corinne Hutton5£240
26 February 2023Shaun Cooper6£300
20 November 2022Susan Blades4£260
23 October 2022Craig McLean12£760
20 June 2022John Davidson14£900
21 February 2022Paul Salkeld4£300

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